This counter current softener is not only more green due to the fact it's 5-10% more efficient on salt usage and uses less water, but it's also a good ecological and financial choice. In counter current the brine passes down the riser tube and up through the resin bed, the resin at the bottom of the vessel gets regenerated first. The resin at the bottom is in effect super regenerated which means there is less chance of hardness breakthrough which in critical applications is important. For the resin at the top there is a clear escape for the hardness so that doesn’t reattach.
Inlet/Outlet: 1”
Drain: 3/4"
Max Flow: 6.8 m³/hr
Pressure: 1.5 to 8 bar
Valve: WS1

Simplex Clack WS1 (Metered) Up Flow Softener

  • Volume: 50L Salt: 130g/l Size: 1054 Flow: 2m³/hr Capacity: 8.3m³
  • Volume: 100L Salt: 130g/l Size: 1465 Flow: 4m³/hr Capacity: 16.7m³