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Testing, Adjusting and Balance Commissioning

All buildings including, factories, hospitals, hotels, superstores, data-centres, and so on have systems for moving warm air, cold air and conditioned air. Also, water heating systems can be used to heat and cool spaces. Effectively moving air and water around buildings is key to ensure people are breathing well ventilated, temperature controlled air and that water systems are delivering heating and cooling as required.

HVAC Commissioning

In the HVAC world, "commissioning" means T.A.B (Testing, Adjusting and Balancing) of systems to ensure they run efficiently and to the set standards and code of practice specified by CIBSE and BSRIA. We can carry out all these services for you.

How does commissioning start?

HVAC systems need to be pre-commissioned to make sure everything specified for the system is in place and installed correctly before a building can be approved for use. After this inspection, there are maybe issues that require remedial works. Once these snags are resolved, commissioning will begin, requiring specialist qualified engineers to commence commissioning the air and water systems.

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Commissioning Process

This begins by setting up the air handing (Attu's) and water pumps to 1107 to design duty issued from the client, customer or system designer. Then on a conventional system we go through all the data and test sheets to balance each component to the design issues.

The importance of commissioning

If a system is not commissioned or balanced correctly it may be costly in terms of energy bills and potential complaints from staff or customers. If the heating is set too high or low, this can be expensive, in addition, if the air isn't properly ventilated, staff can become lethargic or ill.

What equipment is required?

A typical Dakro commissioning engineer's van will contain the following instruments:


For Vents:

- Anemometer

- Micromanometer

- Bolometer / Capture Hood

- Pitot Tubes


For Water:

- Temperature Probes

- Digital Thermometer

What commissioning standards & validation standards apply?

Commissioning must adhere to CIBSE Code of Practice. Also BSRIA.


A large commissioning job, say for a data centre with over 10 miles of chilled water pipework could take up to 3 months. There are the large ends of commissioning projects which Dakro specialise in. However, if you require validation, balancing or commissioning please give us a call today.

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