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Ductwork Cleaning & Hygiene

Ductwork Cleaning Service

Ductwork Cleaning Professional

What is ductwork & why does it need cleaning?

The ductwork within a building transports air around the building. The ductwork is often hidden from sight and is usually in the ceiling. 


Ductwork is found in any building that contains air ventilation systems of any kind, and within any sector. We have the ability to risk assess, clean and disinfect ductwork at factories, take-away shops, schools, hospitals, office blocks, catering companies and restaurants across the UK.


Why is air ductwork cleaning important?

It’s a legal requirement for all new buildings to have their ventilation systems cleaned and disinfected before opening. All buildings should have a risk assessment that establishes a level of particulate and microbiological cleanliness, and good air hygiene should be regularly maintained and monitored. Air ducting and pipework can get dirty and contaminated very quickly so it’s really important to keep it clean.


How can air ductwork be examined and monitored?

Due to the position and nature of cleaning ductwork, trained specialists are required to monitor and maintain the cleanliness of the ductwork. At Dakro, we provide comprehensive verification reports for our clients that include a visual inspection, photographic inspection, preferred vacuum test (PVT), deposit thickness test (DTT), cleaning methods analysis and on-going maintenance regulations.


Site Surveys for Ductwork

If you are unsure of where to access your ductwork, we can provide onsite surveys that will show you where and how to access your ductwork, as well as how it can be cleaned. If you don’t have access doors in your ductwork system to allow cleaning, we can install access doors for you.


We can also visit your site to provide a quote for cleaning your annual ductwork cleaning












Annual Ductwork Cleaning


We have been providing ductwork cleaning for many years, and for a wide variety of clients who need to ensure their ductwork is kept clean to remain compliant with regulations.  All of our cleaning is undertaken to the standards of TR19,  HTM03-01 and TM26. These industry standards of cleaning are recognised by the HSE as well as by many insurers as the document that sets out the standard for cleanliness of ventilation systems. 


When ductwork has been cleaned to the standard of TR19, samples will be sent to an independent laboratory, and you will receive a verification report to prove that the required standards have been met. Hospitals may also have their own specifications.


Ductwork cleaning is a specialist skill. All of our experts are fully trained in cleaning all sizes of ductwork. Often, ductwork can be found in awkward places that are hard to access and hard to reach, and so having the knowledge and skills to clean ductwork effectively is essential.


Ductwork cleaning can be carried out yearly, and we can work with you to schedule ductwork cleaning at the same time as other maintenance work. Once we have cleaned your ductwork, we will provide you with before and after photos to show you the work that has been carried out.


Regular Ductwork Maintenance

As well as cleaning every 12 months, ductwork also requires ongoing maintenance. We can discuss UVC applications which can provide hygiene solutions between regular yearly cleaning. Our experts can give you advice on air hygiene, SBS, temperature monitoring as well as solutions driven by the COVID pandemic.


Air hygiene is incredibly important and will continue to be in the future. Get in touch to discuss ongoing air hygiene with our qualified and experienced team.

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