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Why Is UV-C Better Than Existing Cleaning Methods?

Save On Sterilisation Costs

A recent study shows that businesses are spending on average £150 a month on sterilisation resources. Our products are designed to dramatically reduce those costs and be a long-term and effective sterilisation solution for your business.

Save Your Staff Time And Labour

Our range uses UV-C technology to kill 99.9% of germs in as quick as a few seconds. A lot of the UV-C technology in our range works on it's own devices, often behind the scenes. Saving you time and manual work in an area which has increased for all businesses.

Proven And Safe Technology

All of our products have been fully lab tested and are certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in just minutes. We provide a one year warranty on all of our products. All products come with usage safety features too.

Protect Your Staff And Customers

By using UVC technology to reduce airborne particles and disinfect your surfaces, you can add extra layers of protection to your business. According to a recent survey, sickness-related absences and absenteeism are costing the UK economy roughly £77.5 billion a year. Installing UVC technology which is proven to inactivate airborne pathogens, you help improve the air quality of your building and reduce the risk of absenteeism in your workplace.

Sterilises Surfaces, Water And Air

Bacteria doesn't just sit on physical things, it exists in the air around us too. The majority of transmission comes from intercepting airborne particles. Our product range is designed to kill bacteria on surfaces as well as in the air.

A Green And Sustainable Method

UV-C Light is a dry sterilisation method. It involves no bleach, no chemicals, no water. It's the long-term, sustainable way to protect your workplace.


With the risk of virus transmission highest in indoor, shared spaces; offices are a breeding ground for illness. Find out more about how to protect your staff and customers, and clean the air we share in your office…

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