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Crystal Right is a synthetic zeolite but without impurities and with predefined grain sizes developed for the treatment of well water.

Thanks to its unique crystal structure Crystal-Right remove hardness, iron and manganese and increases the pH.

The Pollet Water Group is the exclusive distributor of Crystal Right in Europe.


  • Removes at the same time iron, manganese and hardness by ion exchange
  • Removes manganese, difficult to remove by classic oxidation
  • Absorption of NH3
  • Increases the pH (absorption H+)
  • Excellent filtration of non-dissolved particles
  • A regeneration needs 30% less NaCl than when using classic softeners resins
  • Chlorine has no negative impact on Crystal Right and is stronly advised when regenerating to counterattack the proliferation of bacteries.
  • No specific requirements for pumps as the backwash flow is lower than the service flow
  • Delivered in convenient bags of 22,7kg (28,3L)
  • When used appropriately, Crystal Right has a lifetime of 10 year

Terms of Use

  • Crystal right is used for the treatment of non-oxidized iron and manganese (water originating from wells and boreholes.)
  • CR 100: minimal hardness (50mg/L); TDS > 80 mg/L; pH between 5,7 en 14. Maximum content of iron- and manganese:15 mg / L
  • CR 200: minimal hardness (50mg/L); TDS > 80 mg/L; pH between 7 en 14. Maximum content of iron- and manganese:15 mg/L
  • Capacity CR100: 30g/L resin; CR200: 40g/L resin. For the removal of NH3, CR100 is to be used.
  • Crystal Right cannot be rinced with classic resin cleaners, CR Clear Out is to be used.

Price Per Pack


  • 1 cuft

Crystal Right (Iron Removal & Neutralisation)

PriceFrom £167.24
Excluding VAT

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