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Legionella Testing & Compliance

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Legionella compliance testing

What is Legionella?

Legionella is a type of bacteria that can cause legionnaires’ disease. Legionnaires’ disease is a lung infection that can have devastating consequences.


You can catch legionnaires’ disease by inhaling water droplets that are infected with one of the 40 different types of legionella bacteria. Legionella and related bacteria are common in natural water sources such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs, but usually in low numbers. They may also be found in purpose-built water systems such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems and spa pools. It’s also important for owners of new buildings to be aware of legionella during the pre-commissioning of new water systems. 


In line with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 1, it is a legal requirement to ensure that those in control of premises, and those with health and safety responsibilities for others, comply with their duties in relation to legionella. 

Legal duties include identifying and assessing sources of risk; preparing a scheme to prevent or control risk; implementing, managing and monitoring precautions; keeping records of precautions; and appointing a manager to be responsible for others.



How harmful is legionella?

Legionnaires’ disease, caused by legionella bacteria, can cause difficulties breathing, chest pain, a cough, a high temperature and flu-like symptoms. In certain circumstances, legionnaires’ disease can result in hospital admission. If admitted to hospital with legionnaires' disease, you may need assistance with your breathing or to receive antibiotics. Usually, it’s possible to make a full recovery from legionnaires’ disease, but it can take several weeks to feel completely better.


How does legionella spread?

The legionella bacteria grows and spreads through water. It’s found in small air droplets that can be breathed in through air conditioning systems, spa pools and hot tubs, cooling towers, baths, washing stations or showers and taps that aren’t often used. If left unchecked and undetected, Legionella can spread rapidly through your water system and become a big problem for your organisation.


Preventing Legionella

It’s really important to keep on top of testing the water systems in your building to ensure your water system is free from legionella. As well as regular testing of appliances in your hot and cold water supply, sampling can be carried out by qualified and trained experts as part of a legionella risk assessment  Your HSE risk assessment will specifically ensure acop 18 compliance. The results of your legionella testing and sampling must be recorded either digitally or in a log book, and kept for 5 years.

At Dakro, we are members of the Legionella Control Association, and we have all of the relevant skills and experience to ensure we provide excellent water system services.

Treating Legionella

If your worksite has legionella bacteria, we can provide you with water treatments that will ensure you are compliant with your legal responsibilities and industry standards. Our professional teams can ensure minimum business disruption, and will guarantee excellent results. 


At Dakro, if required, we can provide chemical treatment programmes for various types of water systems including cold water distribution; low, medium and high pressure hot water systems; and open and closed circuit cooling. We cater for all sizes of businesses and organisations from small commercial premises to large industrial sites.

What records do I need to keep for legionella compliance?

You must have an up to date schematic of your water pipework and system. Usually, this is incorporated in a water risk assessment.


You also need to ensure you keep copies of all legionella testing records for at least 5 years, and document them regularly in a log book specifically for legionella water testing. In need of a legionella log book? Let us know and we can arrange that for you.

Still have questions about legionella testing?

Our experts will be happy to answer any of your questions about legionella testing, as well as any other water treatments you may be interested in. Our trained and experienced staff will be able to assess your immediate and on-going site requirements, and provide you with impartial water safety advice. 


We offer a range of water hygiene and water safety treatments that are suitable for a variety of environments so if you’re unsure, please get in touch for more specific advice. 

Legionella testing in a lab
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