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Laboratory Services

Dakro Lab services

Laboratory Services

We provide a full range of analytical services to efficiently test water quality and air quality, and ensure you remain compliant with all relevant legislation.

High Quality Air and Water Testing


Using only UKAS/NAMAS laboratory services, we can ensure the highest quality analysis and reporting of your samples.


In line with sampling legislation, we can provide a sampling service for water and air quality. We are able to test for:


  • Legionella

  • TVC (Total Viable Counts of Bacteria)

  • E. Coli

  • Pseudomonas

  • Airborne bacteria and fungal analysis

  • BSRIA suite analysis

  • Full inorganic and organic analysis suites

Air and Water Samples Advice and Guidance


When your samples are returned, we can go through any nonconformities with you, as well as provide help and advice on your next steps. Our experts can provide ongoing advice to help you react to any nonconformities and ensure you become compliant, and remain compliant with all relevant legislation.


We provide electronic copies of reports and monitoring, and if required, we can work with your in-house portal to raise sample results through your internal systems.


TDo you need air or water testing carried out for your business? Give us a call today and we can discuss your requirements and arrange for samples to be taken.

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