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Reverse Osmosis (RO) 

Reverse Osmosis

Dakro reverse osmosis

Our experts utilise reverse osmosis technology to treat the water in water tanks in a variety of industries. 

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is technology that uses high water pressure to separate out harmful particulate, ions and bacteria across a semipermeable membrane. It’s a non chemical process that helps to produce high quality water.


How does reverse osmosis work?

In simple terms, reverse osmosis is filtration. Reverse osmosis is a movement from high concentration to low concentration (the opposite of osmosis). Water is pumped across a semipermeable membrane, and only the water can pass through the membrane. Any bacteria or dirt particles are separated from the water by the membrane, leaving you with water that’s almost entirely pure with all impurities removed.

Why is reverse osmosis beneficial?

Reverse osmosis can help to increase the energy efficiency of a boiler because the water used by the boiler will be pure. In a steam generated boiler, the water should be as pure as possible. If there are minerals within the water, the water will have to be dumped more frequently and sent down the drain, wasting money. Water treated with reverse osmosis will have a much higher concentration of pure water, meaning it’s much more energy efficient. Less gas will be needed to heat the same volume of water.


The main benefit of reverse osmosis is its energy saving ability. It has the potential to reduce your gas bill by up to 20 - 30%! The process of reverse osmosis also has minimal maintenance costs because you will only need to change the filter. 


When is reverse osmosis used?

Reverse osmosis is used to treat water to improve its quality. It can be beneficial in a variety of applications including in industrial processes and industrial boilers. Reverse osmosis can also be used in engineering to help make a plant run more efficiently.


A reserve osmosis unit can be utilised in a system of any size. A unit could be as small as something you can carry in one hand, to the size of a football pitch. The size of your reverse osmosis unit would entirely depend on how much water is needed per hour. At Dakro, we can cater for any size system.


How can I find out more about the applications of reverse osmosis?

Our engineers are experts in reverse osmosis (RO), and they’ll be able to discuss the benefits of RO water with you to find out how it can help your organisation. We’ll look at your requirements to fully understand what you need, and work to find the best solution.

Dakro assess and supply a range of membrane scale inhibitors as well as install reverse osmosis equipment.

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