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Filox-R can be used for iron and manganese and hydrogen sulphide removal by oxidation. It requires a pH of 7 or more for iron removal and 8 for manganese content. It is heavy, and needs a high backwash flow rate to remove the oxidised iron and manganese but gives a high service flow rate and out lasts Birm.

  • Service Flow: 28 m/hr
  • Backwash Rate: 36 m/hr
  • pH Range: 6,8 - 9,0
  • Density: 2kg / liter
  • Freeboard: 30 - 50%

The use of oxidising agents is recommended. Highly reducing waters may cause premature exhaustion ORP over 170mV indicates Filox-R can be used.

Price Per Pack


  • 1/2 cuft

Filox (Iron Removal & Neutralisation)

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