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Commerical Boiler Water Treatment

Commercial Boiler Water Treatment

Gas boilers in gas boiler room for steam

As experts in providing industrial boiler treatments, we can ensure your boiler is performing at maximum capacity and prolong the life of your boiler, saving you unnecessary expense.


What do boiler water treatments involve?

Boiler treatments help to manage the quality of the water inside your boiler. By conditioning the water inside your boiler with chemicals, we can minimise scale and corrosion. 


At Dakro, we provide technical service visits to customer sites where we will analyse the water on-site, and arrange the dose of chemicals suitable for your boiler. We offer scale and commission inhibitors for low, medium and high pressure boilers, and we can also supply automatic chemical water equipment. All of our procedures and treatments are carried out to British Standards 2486 (BS2486).


Why are boiler water treatments important?

Treating the water within your boiler is essential because by minimising scale and corrosion your boiler is able to function efficiently. As well as helping your boiler work more efficiently, water treatments can also help to prolong the life of your boiler.


If you don’t maintain good quality water inside your boiler, and scale and corrosion build up, thermal transfer and heat efficiency will reduce, making your boiler less effective. Corrosion on the tubes and/or shelf within your boiler could also result in expensive repairs or an even more expensive replacement. By treating your boiler water, you can mitigate unnecessary repair and replacement costs.

When should I book an industrial commercial boiler treatment?

All sites with industrial commercial boilers will have someone monitoring the boiler on a daily basis, but it’s useful to have regular expert assessments on top of daily monitoring. At Dakro, we offer a professional monitoring service where we will send a chemist to your site once a month (or once a week if needed) to monitor the condition of your boiler water, and ensure it meets the standard that satisfies BS2486. 


If a boiler has not been maintained correctly, it may need chemical descaling.


What do I need to do if the water within my industrial boiler hasn’t been properly maintained?

At Dakro, we ensure all of our clients’ boilers are properly maintained and the water is regulated. However, there are occasions where we are called to help with boilers that may need attention. In this instance, a boiler may need to undergo chemical descaling. Chemical descaling involves dosing the boiler with acid to dissolve the scale and corrosion that has built up over time. 


What is an alkaline boil out?

When a boiler is first manufactured, pieces of metal are carved and welded together. As part of the manufacturing processes, oil and grease will inevitably end up in the boiler.  A pre-commission alkaline boil out will remove the oil and grease so that the boiler is ready to be used.

An alkaline boil out involves placing alkaline chemicals into a boiler, filling it with water, and then boiling the water.

This pre-commissioning process cleans the boiler so that it’s ready to use.


How can I arrange a boiler water treatment for my site?

We can provide full on-site monitoring services and bespoke chemical treatment packages. Simply give us a call and we will arrange a call back and on-site visit! Our experts will be happy to discuss any issues you are facing with your industrial boiler or implement an ongoing monitoring programme.

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