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Water Tank Treatment

Water Tanks

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We offer a range of water tank treatments to keep your water tank performing at its best.

What are water tanks?

Water tanks supply water to domestic sites by storing the water until you’re ready to use it. Water tanks can be found in factories, offices, warehouses, leisure centres, schools, hospitals, homes and on farms. The water in water tanks is often used for cleaning, washing, or as part of an industrial process.


Water tanks can be a range of sizes, and they are used in a variety of different industries. The size of a water tank will depend on what the water is being used for, and how much water is required.  


Can Dakro install water tanks?

Yes, we can supply and fit any type of water tank. We have undertaken a range of specialist installations, including for temporary tanks on water sites as well as permanent water tanks. We also offer all of the accessories, booster pump sets and fittings you may require for your water tank. For example, if pumps are needed on the outside of your tank to move water around your building, we can supply and install the correct pumps for you. We clean and disinfect all water tanks before installing them into your current water system. 


As well as installing new water tanks, we can also upgrade, repair, service or replace current water tanks.


How often should water tanks be monitored?

Water tanks last a very long time but they need regular cleaning out and monitoring. HSE recommends regular checks of your water tank to prevent build up of silt, and to ensure vermin and/or birds haven’t fallen into the tank. At Dakro, we suggest water tanks receive inspections every 6 months. 


Can you inspect my water tank?

Yes, we offer regular monitoring of water tanks and we provide many of our clients with 6 monthly inspections. During the inspection, we will record the state of your water tank. If any recommendations are made, for example if your tank should be cleaned, we will provide photographic evidence to support our recommendation. We are then able to follow up on that report, and undertake the necessary treatments for you, to ensure your water tank meets the necessary standards.

Any communication you receive from Dakro, including photographs, will be stored on your client portal or in your compliance system or logbook, and can be accessed at any time. If you’d like to find out more about our water tank services, please give us a call and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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