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Ultraviolet (UV) Water Treatment

UV Treatment

Image by Jason Mitrione

We are able to provide UV treatment to treat the water in your systems. With over 20 years of experience working with UV technology, we can guarantee a professional service. 


What is UV treatment?

UV light, or ultraviolet light, is nature's beam, and it’s incredibly powerful. It’s on the far right of the light spectrum and is the opposite of infrared. There are 3 forms of ultraviolet light: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA has a longer wavelength and is associated with skin aging. UVB has a shorter wavelength and is associated with skin burning. UVC light is germicidal, and operates at a wavelength of between 100 and 280 nanometres per second. When we reference UV light treatment, we are referring to UVC.


How does UV work?

When a UV wavelength hits a cell, it fundamentally disrupts the cell and a reaction occurs that unravels the DNA. Once the DNA unravels, the cell has been killed and it can no longer replicate. This reaction happens in less than a second. UV light has the same effect on every cell, whether it’s a bacteria, pathogen or even a healthy cell. It is a ‘killer wavelength’, and so must be treated appropriately and by professionals.
















What can UV be used for?

UV has been used in water for a long time to kill bacteria, especially in objects such as fish tanks. Now UV can also be used to kill bacteria in the air, and on hard surfaces such as desks, phones and laptops. It is frequently used in hospitals to sterilise equipment. UV can be installed in businesses, industrial and domestic premises to provide you with clean, pure water.


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, applications for UV have increased further. It can be used in air purifiers to kill the bacteria in offices, and it can also be used on objects that are frequently touched by lots of people, for example, shared keyboards, door handles, glasses in shops, or even to clean hotel rooms between guests. UV can be used to disinfect and sterilise everything within a room.


What are the benefits of using UV?

Laboratory testing has proven that UV light is 99.9% effective at killing bacteria. 


When used to replace consumables such as bleaches and gels to kill bacteria, UV can reduce expenditure and labour costs. UV is also more sustainable and better for the environment than chemicals such as these, because eventually, these chemicals will end up in our water systems. 


As well as being a very powerful and effective treatment, UV is dry and does not require manual intervention. UV has lots of exciting applications and we would advise you to talk to us if you are considering utilising UV treatments in your processes. 


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to stay safe and vigilant regarding hygiene standards at work. We can discuss the use of UV light in response to your COVID-19 or hygiene risk assessment, and if suitable for your organisation and set up, UV can improve on the efficiencies of your current processes as well as help you to reduce ongoing costs. 


Why should I contact Dakro regarding UV light systems?

We are experts in UV light treatments and have been using UV for over 20 years. UV is an incredibly powerful force, and we would recommend discussing any requirements with trained professionals. 


All of the UV systems we install are WRAS and Regulation 31 compliant, and we can service and monitor your equipment on a regular basis. 

Contact us to find out more about how UV light can help your business.

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