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UVC Disinfection

UVC Disinfection

How does UVC light treatment work?


UVC is part of the ultraviolet light spectrum and exclusively ranges from 100 - 280nm in length but the optimal wavelength of inactivating microorganisms is 265nm. When a UVC wavelength hits a pathogen, a reaction occurs that fundamentally changes the molecular structure of the DNA/RNA, and inactivates the transmission properties of that cell. The whole process can happen within seconds.


UVC technology has been proven to inactivate all known microorganisms. Whether UVC is used to inactive airborne matter, disinfect surfaces and physical touch points or used to treat water as a substitute to chemical, UVC light is an extremely effective tool to kill bacteria and viruses as well as reduce the risk of infections spreading.

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UVC Applications in Air

UVC is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals that is incredibly effective in air. It’s easy to manage and it can be precisely monitored to show the amount of bacteria that has been killed to several percentiles.


UVC is a versatile and dry sterilisation method. Unlike chemical fogging, no chemical or water droplets are used in UVC air treatments. UVC is particularly powerful when utilised in air, because there are less molecules for the UV waves to travel through. 

There are 2 approaches to air treatments: sterilisation and purification. Air sterilisation generally refers to direct contact. Air purification usually has some form of filtration where UV is either partially open or closed to the airflow, and treated separately . 


As a method of sterilisation or purification, UVC is ideal because it requires almost no human interaction, and can be built into the infrastructure of a building. For example, Upper Air Purifiers can be wired into the ceiling or the upper wall of a room, and operate whilst you’re in the room. We also have portable air purifiers which are ideal for meeting different needs around your building. This type of disinfection technology has been scientifically proven to inactive 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 in just 10 minutes.

How can UVC disinfection be used for businesses?

UVC disinfection can be used as a different method to help protect your business from the risks of bacteria and viruses. This can allow you to take the reliance away from using other unsustainable solutions that are also increasing in price. Here is an overview of some of the different methods, but find out more about our UVC solutions

Reduce the risk of virus transmission by disinfecting the air 

One of the key areas where UVC technology is so effective is disinfecting the air. 80% of transmission of viruses is through the air, so any solution that helps clean the air we share will help dramatically reduce the risks of passing on colds, flus and any other bugs. UVC air disinfection solutions come in the form of installed wall-mounted units or portable UVC units, depending on what’s best for your business. 

Disinfecting surfaces and shared physical touch points

If one of the high transmission risk areas of your business is shared physical touch points, then UVC can be used to disinfect these surfaces in seconds. This could range from desk areas, keyboards to the touchpads of the printer. Using UVC to disinfect surfaces is becoming increasingly popular within co-working spaces or hot-desk offices where you have such a high rate of interaction.

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This might also take shape through UVC lighting solutions. Top-down disinfection from the lighting source provides out-of-hours disinfection to the air and surfaces underneath and helps reduce the level of bacteria and viruses present in that room. Working as a LED light source in the day, through smart switches you can also schedule when you would it would be best to disinfect your areas in question

Multiple object disinfection

Sterilising objects can also be a laborious task, individually wiping down and cleaning them. Using UVC cabinets allows you to disinfect multiple items at once without the need to do this manually using chemical or bleach related products. You can achieve a 99.99% disinfection rate in just minutes.

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