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Automatic Water Temperature Monitoring


Automatic Water Temperature Monitoring

We offer automatic water temperature monitoring equipment to help you remain compliant with technical guidance HSG247 part 2. As stated in this guidance, cold water must be kept below 20 degrees, hot water should reach the tap at 50 degrees, but be produced and stored in the chlorifier at 60 degrees.


How does automatic water temperature monitoring work?


A sensor will be attached to your hot and cold pipework. That sensor will monitor the temperature of the pipe at the frequency you set. That data will then be sent back to a cloud based system that will enable you to log into a portal and view the sensors in your building. 


Automatic water temperature monitoring offers real time water temperature monitoring.



Is automatic water temperature monitoring successful?


The technology required for automatic water temperature monitoring has been available for some time, and it has mainly been used in hospitals to reduce their annual spend. The alternative to automatic water monitoring is manual labour, where someone is physically required to walk around your building and check water temperatures of pipes. Research has concluded that automatic water temperature monitoring has saved labour costs, labour time and reduced water usage. 


Ultimately, remote monitoring technology can save your business time, money and contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. As well as helping make your business more efficient.


To find out more about implementing automatic water monitoring, please get in touch or visit our Contact page.

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