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Used for iron and manganese removal by catalytic oxidation. It is a robust natural mineral conforming to British Standard BS EN 13752. It requires a pH of 7 or more for iron removal and 8 for manganese removal. Aquamandix is a cost effective filter media which can be mixed with sand where the Aquamandix catalyses the metals and then the less expensive sand filters out the precipitate. It can also be mixed with pH media to and increase the pH all in one system.

  • Service Flow: 12 m/hr
  • Backwash Rate: 24 m/hr
  • pH Range: 6,8 - 9,5
  • Density: 2kg / liter
  • Freeboard: 30 - 50%

Price Per Pack


  • Birm 1 cuFt
  • Aqua-Mandix 25kg
  • Greensand Plus 20Kg 1/2 cuFt
  • MTM 1 cuFt
  • Pyrolox 1/2 cuFt
  • Pyrolox Advantage 19Kg 1/2 cuFt

Other Media (Iron & Manganese Removal)

PriceFrom £35.14
Excluding VAT

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