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System Balancing

System Balancing

Dakro engineer reports

System Balancing is the final stage of the pre-commissioning process

To complete the pre-commissioning process, a closed water system must be balanced after it has been flushed. 


Why do water systems need to be balanced?

System balancing ensures there is an even distribution of water flow throughout the system. Every piece of equipment within your system requires a certain flow rate to produce heat transfer, and system balancing will make sure each terminal unit is producing it’s designed heat transfer load. System balancing checks that your water system is operating efficiently, and as it has been designed.


If system balancing is not completed, or it is completed incorrectly, your water system will lose energy and will not be efficient. Essentially, you will end up paying more than you need to, and still won’t be utilising your system to its full potential.

When do water systems need to be balanced?

All new closed water systems need to be balanced after they have been flushed. System balancing completes the pre-commissioning process, and is carried out before a system is handed over.


Existing closed water systems will also need to be balanced if additional pipework is added. When this happens, the whole system will need to be scanned. Valves may need to be adjusted to ensure the system is balanced correctly.


How are water systems balanced?

All relevant guidelines and legislation are followed to ensure your water system is balanced correctly. The legislation we follow includes the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) commissioning code and the BSRIA legislation BG2/22.


Can you advise me on the best way to balance my water system?

System balancing is part of the pre-commission cleaning process that we offer, and we have specific commissioning engineers for every aspect of the process. Our experts are always available to answer your questions, so please get in touch.


As well as water systems, we can also help to balance air systems and clean ductwork. The same principle applies to air systems as water systems, and pre-commissioning cleaning must take place on any new system.

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