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Why Is UV-C Sustainable?

UV-C light is a re-usable, long-lasting green technology. It’s nature's way of purifying and reduces the reliance on toxic by-products, bleaches, water or chemicals used in other sterilisation methods, thus reducing the impact on the environment.


With UVC bulbs lasting on average for 9,000 hours and being able to inactivate bacteria and viruses in seconds, it takes time off manual cleaning efforts and acts as a long-term, cost-effective disinfection solution. 


Additionally from a sustainability angle, it is a very cost effective and time effective way to cleanse air compared to other disinfection methods. It’s become a familiar scenario within buildings to have the windows open for ventilation, but the heating on full for temperature control and as a result wasting a lot of the heated air. Another method, disinfection fogging, not only requires manual effort but uses water and chemicals to treat the air. 


Because the UVC bulbs don’t require very high wattage to disinfect, typically a unit will have 40W of disinfection power, the running costs are controlled. Based on average UK running costs from Dec 2019, average wattage of a UVC product and the unit running for 12 hours a day, every day of the year, you are looking at running costs of roughly £40 per unit for the year. 

We are proud partners, stockists and installers of Philips UVC disinfection products. Philips is the only carbon-neutral global lighting company in the world.

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