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Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide in Water

Chlorine Dioxide dosing is one of the many methods of water treatment we offer our customers. Chlorine Dioxide is commonly used to disinfect water systems and can be very powerful.


What is chlorine dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound consisting of one chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms (CIO2). It is an oxidising biocide that prevents bacteria growing in water and it has a range of useful applications. 


What is chlorine dioxide used for?

Chlorine dioxide is commonly used to sterilise medical and laboratory equipment, as well as to control microorganisms in water systems. It’s used in drinking water to reduce parasites and bacteria, and is often used in pubs, hotels, hospitals, food factories, and domestically.

How can chlorine dioxide be applied to water?

There are two main ways of applying chlorine dioxide to water: either proportionately dosed via a water meter, or by an automated monitoring approach. 


The first method works by linking a cable between your water system and a chlorine dioxide unit. A magnet on the cable will send a signal back to the chlorine dioxide unit. Depending on how many pulses are counted, a shot of chlorine dioxide will be delivered into your water system.


The second option is an automated system that uses a chlorine dioxide monitoring probe. The probe will be on the outlet of your water tank, and will measure the amount of chlorine dioxide in the water. If the amount is too low, it will automatically add more chlorine. The probes need to be calibrated and replaced accordingly.


How do I know if chlorine dioxide is the right choice for my water system?

Chlorine dioxide has a huge range of benefits within water systems and it’s quick and powerful to use. But it is important to note that when released as a gas, it can be toxic, and so should only be handled by professionals.


Our experts can discuss the benefits of using chlorine dioxide with you, including the method of application that is best suited to your system. We can design a unit that is specific to the needs of your business, and consider both your current system and water output to decide the size of your chlorine dioxide unit. 


For more information about chlorine dioxide applications, please get in touch for a chat with our experts.

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