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Kitchen Extract and Canopy Cleaning

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

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Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Kitchen extractors in commercial kitchens of any size need regular cleaning. We provide kitchen extract cleaning for a variety of industries and buildings including restaurants, hotels and office kitchens or cafes.


Kitchen extractors can quickly become full of grease and fat, so regular and expert cleaning is essential. The buildup of grease and oil will reduce air flow efficiency and compromise system hygiene. 

The Importance of Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Unmaintained kitchen extractors can become a serious fire hazard, and as such, lots of insurance companies require regular kitchen extract cleaning as a stipulation of their policy. Insurance policies for organisations such as catering companies can often be invalidated if you don’t regularly clean and record the cleaning of your kitchen extractor. Similarly, insufficient cleaning of the kitchen extractor can also invalidate the fryer’s warranty.


Continuing to cook without proper cleaning of your kitchen extractor can be incredibly dangerous. Fire services frequently report instances of kitchen extract ventilation as the primary source or propagation route of a fire.

Attempting to clean extractors can also be dangerous, so it’s important to consult experts rather than try to clean it yourself.













How often do kitchen extracts need to be cleaned?

The frequency your kitchen extractor needs to be cleaned will depend on the cooking times of your kitchen, often specifically how many hours of cooking are completed each day. Cleaning may be required yearly, quarterly or monthly, and will be detailed in the TR19 kitchen specification. We can work with you to ensure you comply with TR19 and find out exactly how often your kitchen canopy needs to be cleaned.


We can provide a risk assessment to let your organisation know exactly when cleaning is needed, as well as technical advice and an inspection to ensure you comply with Health and Safety Regulations.


All of our clients will receive a full verification report following an expert clean, including before and after photographs of our work, which is all carried out to T19 standards. Please get in touch for more information.

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