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Air Purification for All Industries

Ultimately, where there are shared indoor spaces, there are always transmission risks because the concentration of particles and aerosols within a room is often greater than the freshness of air in those spaces. The more “air changes” a room can have in an hour, the cleaner that air is and the more the risk of transmission risk is reduced. 


Opening a window for instance is the equivalent of around 2-3 air changes per hour, whereas UV purification can achieve up to 30 air changes per hour. By having purification units set up in rooms, air is drawn in, treated with UVC light then fresh purified air is then released back into the room. 


​Whether you are a hospital, school, sports club, in hospitality or an office -

this technology can play a role in:

  • Creating fresher air 

  • Significantly reducing the counts of bacteria and viruses within a room

  • Helping to reduce transmission risks 

  • Helping to reduce the amount of general sickness within your business 

These come in the form of either handy portable units, or installed into the room for areas with more permanent occupancy. 

Sterilisation Treatments for All Industries

UVC treatments can be utilised in almost any indoor environment, and for industries and organisations of any shape and size, and extend to a range of direct sterilisation products.


For example, school classrooms can be sterilised by UVC panel lights or lamps before school starts or after it has finished. Commercial office space can be sterilised with a combination of overnight sterilisation and day time purification. Hotels can utilise large UVC lamps to quickly sterilise rooms and so decrease the time needed to clean a room between guests. Mini UVC lamps are perfect to sterilise the air in cars within just a few minutes. For areas of high footfall, such as public toilets, a UVC purifier will be really effective.


In food preparation industries like bakeries, UVC treatments within an air chamber can ensure the air chamber is fully sterilised and that good airflow is maintained throughout the rest of the production plant. Equally, UVC can be used throughout the production process in order to control mould stimulant growth before packaging, allowing for extensions in shelf life.  


Using our specialist UV-C applications that we design with you on site, we can significantly add to your hygiene controls and reduce the risk of bacteria break outs leading to product recalls and complaints etc.


UVC Sterilisation Treatments for Large Spaces

For larger spaces such as shopping centres, canteens, warehouses and factories, we can also offer the use of our UVC sterilisation robot which can cover 500 metres squared in 10 minutes. The robot can be utilised in an empty space out of working hours, helping you to manage time effectively and without interrupting daily processes.

UVC in Ductwork

UVC is an excellent treatment for ductwork because the ductwork controls the air ventilation through an entire building. If left untreated, bacteria in ductwork can pass through the whole ventilation system and will often collect in filters. UVC treatments within ductworks allow good airflow from the source.

UVC Experts

Contact us to find out how your organisation can benefit from UVC products, and we can create a solution that is specific to your environment. Our trained and certified professionals will ensure you receive a solution that is economical, effective and provides maximum value.

Why is this better than existing disinfection methods though? This page will tell you everything you need to know!

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