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Pre-Commission Cleaning

Pre-Commission Cleaning

Pre-Commission Cleaning engineer

BSRIA Accredited Pre-Commission Cleaning

We offer a full Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) level pre-commission cleaning service. BSRIA provides guidance and recommendations for best practice in the building industry.


When does pre-commission cleaning take place?

All new builds, re-builds and renovations require a pre-commission clean before they are used.


When any new chilled water system, condenser water system or heating system is installed, the system will inevitably contain debris, scale and slag from the installation process. Our pre-commission cleaning service will remove all contaminants from your system and all installed applications, to ensure your system is performing at the optimum level of efficiency.


Without pre-commission cleaning, the contaminants left within your system will force pumps, boilers and chillers to work much harder than they need to. In turn, this will mean your system is consuming more energy and costing you more money than it should be.


Pre-commission cleaning will maximise your system’s lifespan, increase the efficiency of your system, help you to save on electricity and gas bills and prevent mechanical breakdown.


















How does pre-commission cleaning work?

Pre-commission cleaning involves several steps. First, by using chemicals and high velocity water injection, we can flush your systems clean. We’ll utilise our specialist filtration ring to minimise the amount of water sent to drain. 


Once your systems are clean, the system will be dosed with suitable scale and corrosion inhibitors, and biocodies to control scaling, corrosion and bacteria.


Finally, before your system is handed over, your whole system will be balanced.


Methods of Pre-Commission Cleaning

Conventional cleaning refers to flushing, which will drain your system. Flushing is a common method, but for larger systems, for example a 1000 litre system, you could be required to flush the system 10 times before the clean is satisfactory, which can result in excessive water costs.


Filtration cleaning is a more environmentally friendly cleaning method because the water usage is minimal. Filtration cleaning involves filling your system with inhibitors, biocides and a filtration acid, which will bring polymers and particles into suspension.


Chemical cleaning is a more aggressive pre-commission cleaning method. Acidic chemicals and polymers are used to clean the system, along with corrosion inhibitors and microbiological biocides that will prevent bugs and corrosion within your system. Within certain systems, for example those made of carbon steel, chemical cleaning may be required in order to sufficiently clean an internal layer of steel.


Specialist equipment is utilised for all methods of cleaning including hydraulic hoses and automated chemical dosing pumps. We provide photographic reports for all work.


How long does pre-commission cleaning take?

The time to complete a pre-commission clean depends on the complexity and volume of your system. We can put processes in place to ensure your building can remain operating while the clean is ongoing. For example, we can provide temporary heating while your heating system is cleaned.


To minimise impact to your organisation, cleaning can also take place seasonally. For example, a lot of buildings will have their heating systems cleaned in the summer and chilled water systems cleaned in the winter. 


For new builds and new systems, pre-commission cleaning will always take place before the completed building is handed over.


Can you arrange pre-commission cleaning for my building?

We can provide pre-commission cleaning for systems of all sizes. 


Our pre-commission cleaning package is suitable for systems ranging from typical domestic heating systems of a few radiators, up to full critical systems such as those used in 24/7 data centres where mechanical breakdown failure is not an option.


Our pre-commission cleaning services are available across the UK and Europe, and we have completed system cleans in a range of cities including Istanbul, Paris and Frankfurt.


Professional Pre-Commission Cleaning and Maintenance

Our pre-commission cleaning team are fully trained in full system cleaning and have a vast amount of experience undertaking all methods of pre-commission cleaning. We are certified under BSRIA accreditation and we work to a specific BSRIA document (BG29/2021) that is revised every few years.


As well as pre-commission cleaning, we can provide ongoing maintenance in the form of regular system analysis and testing. If work is found to be required during a quarterly planned preventative maintenance (PPM) inspection, we can then carry it out for you.

For more information about our pre-commission cleaning services, please get in touch.

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