Pre-Commission Cleaning

Dakro can provide a full BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) compatible service level which invests in best practice advice and recommendations for the building industry

Dakro always take photos before and after all work.

Pre-Commission Cleaning

  • Newly installed chilled, condenser water or heating systems will contain debris, scale and slag from installation.

  • A Dakro pre-commission clean conforming to BSRIA guidelines will remove all foreign objects from your system and fine tune to deliver optimum system performance.

  • We use chemicals and high velocity water injection in combination to flush your systems clean, utilising  our specialist filtration rig to minimise the amount of water sent to drain

  • It is recommended that all new builds, re-builds or renovations or are rebooted with a pre-commission clean before being put back into use

  • On completion systems re dosed with suitable scale and corrosion inhibitors and biocides to control scaling , corrosion and bacterial

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