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Flushing & Cleaning Water Systems

Flushing & Cleaning Water Systems

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Flushing and Cleaning of Water Systems is Essential

Our team is trained and experienced in flushing any sized closed water system, from domestic houses to large data centres. 

Why do water systems need to be flushed and cleaned?

Water systems must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure they are running at optimum efficiency. Within the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) guidelines (BG50/2013) all water within water systems needs to stay bacteria free.


Fresh water must be moving constantly. If a system is shut down and stagnation occurs, bacteria within your water system can increase. You may start to have blockages and lose heat transfer that can start to affect your building’s environment.


As a consequence, you may find there are repercussions on the health and wellbeing of your staff, customers and business.

When do water systems need to be flushed?

During periods of down-time, for example, while buildings were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, systems should be regularly flushed. If water systems are left unused or unflushed for longer than one week, you need to take microbiological water samples.


If you see any particles or discolouration in your water, contact our specialists for advice.


How are water systems flushed?

We advise our customers to get in touch with us at the very beginning of their project. When we are involved in the design stage of a system, we can consult on system components and pipework layouts to ensure the system will be effective with no risk of contamination.


Before beginning the flushing process for any system, we’ll take time to fully understand the complexities of your water system. You will need to provide a system drawing or schematic that shows your system layout. Once we have this information, we can let you know if any additional flushing valves or flushing loops need to be installed. 


Once a water system has been flushed, we ensure any chemicals used during the process and any air that has entered the system, have been removed. 


We take water samples before and after a system has been flushed to compare cleanliness and ensure a quality clean has taken place.

Can you fix problems with existing water systems?

Yes. For example, when chilled water systems have external pipework, occasionally there may be no antifreeze to protect the pipes and prevent them freezing. This can lead to a system leaking overnight and the system beginning to drain. We can rectify any problem with your water systems, as well as advise you on the best way to ensure your system is properly maintained.

How do I know if my water system needs flushing?

One of the warning signs to watch out for is an unpleasant odour as this could be a sign of bacteria within your system. If not properly maintained, biofilms can occur within your system and block pipes, resulting in costly repairs.


If you’re concerned about a problem with your water system, please get in touch for professional advice. As well as flushing, we can provide system balancing and pre-commission cleaning for all heating, chilled and condenser systems. Our experts are trained in all areas of pre-commission cleaning and we are always happy to advise.

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