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Juraperle is a filter fine granulation medium on the basis of fossil limestone structures. It is applied for increase the pH of poor water, and possibly iron removal. During filtration, the free CO2 is converted to bicarbonate and calcium is dissolved respectively. By this, the pH and hardness rate is raised. In addition, the iron is also filtered. Because calcium is dissolved, the product must be filled regularly. Corosex is a stronger mineral than Juraperle. It will boosts the pH higher.

  • Service Flow: 12 m/hr
  • Backwash Rate: 24 m/hr
  • Bed Depth: 18 - 30 inch
  • Density: 1.6kg / liter
  • Freeboard: 30%

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  • 25kg

Juraperl & Corosex - pH Correction (Iron Removal & Neutralisation)

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