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Birm is a relatively inexpensive material which can be used for iron and manganese removal by oxidation. It requires a pH of 7 or more for Iron removal and pH 8 for manganese removal (it uses dissolved oxygen in the water to oxidise the metal). As it acts a catalyst it is not consumed so Birm doesn’t requirere generating or topping up. Birm also has the advantage of acting as a filter, removing turbidity. If the pH of the water is too low pH correction may be required. Media life expectancy is 2 to 3 years.
Price excluding VAT

Birm (Fe Mg Removal) - Autotrol 263

PriceFrom £437.69
Excluding VAT
  • Volume: 1.5 Cuft Size: 10 x 54 Max Flow: 0.6³/hr Backwash Flow: 1.1³/hr Valve: Autotrol 263

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