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Arsenic is found in water in many parts of Europe. The legal limit for arsenic has recently been reduced to 10ug/l. The arsenic can be removed with a specially formulated filter media called Bayoxide. The bayoxide is a medium in the form of granules / crystals. When water passes through the medium at the wellhead, arsenic is adsorbed and eliminated, allowing to reach a level lower to the drinking water standard. This media is the same media used by many municipal water companies.

Bayoxide E33 is a synthetic iron oxide (Fe2O3) media mainly used for the removal of arsenic. The ferric oxide works through absorption and will reduce arsenic levels to below 4µg/L.

  • pH Range: 6,8 - 9,5
  • Service Flow: 20 m/hr
  • Backwash Rate: 15 m/hr
  • Density: 0.5kg / liter
  • Freeboard: 30%

Price Per Pack


  • 20kg / 40L

Arsenic Removal Media (Filtration)

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