AquaMulti and AquaMulti BIO are multifunctional water filtration medias that consist of five, high quality ingredients (ion exchangers and adsorbents). It is an effective one step eliminator of the 5 main problems (hardness, Iron, Manganese organic and ammonia) indomestic and industrial applications. AquaMulti decreases the levelof organic matter up to 50%(AquaMulti BIO up to 80%). The mediaworks with many water supplies (mains, borehole & well), regardlessof iron form (colloidal, ferric or organic), pH level, hardness, hydrogensulphide, organic content. HOWEVER it can foul and high bicarbonatecauses concreation.
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Aqua Multi Bio - WS1 Cl

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  • Volume: 37 Litres Size: 10 x 54 Max Flow: 1.3³/hr Capacity: 4³/hr Valve: WS1 Cl