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Powered by our partner, 59s, the sterilisation wand is the perfect tool for on-the-go sterilisation. It’s portable, easy to carry, as well and suitable for sterilisation for your day-to-day routine. The product comes with safety goggles to ensure maximum protection, as well as child-safety lock. Simply wave the wand five or six times over any item or area and it will zap and kill 99.9% of bacteria with the 20 UV LED beads built unto the wand.

59S® UV Wand

£69.99 Regular Price
£59.99Sale Price
Excluding VAT
    • Everyday items (phones, watches, glasses, masks)
    • Surfaces (toilets, kitchen surfaces, hand rails, door handles)
    • Travel  (seats,hotel rooms, remotes)
    • Eating out (cutlery, plates, eating area)
    • Cars (wheels, gear stick, seats, seatbelts)
    • At the office (mail, keyboards, phones, pens, chairs)

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