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With 360° Omnidirectional Sterilisation and 40 LED UVC beads, this UV Box is our premium sterilisation unit. It comes with 3 different sterilisation modes:


- Fast sterilise

- Sterilise, de-odour and sterile storage

- Sterilise, de-odour, drying, temperature control and sterile storage.


The product can kill 99.9% bacteria on any item, and is fully certified to do so. It comes with intelligent drying and controlled temperature features, allowing for sterilise storage for 24 hours. Great for taking on trips with it’s convenient handle, or equally as good as being your permanent sterilisation unit in the home, office, lab or hospital etc.

59S® UV Box

£149.99 Regular Price
£129.99Sale Price
Excluding VAT
    • Everyday items (phones, watches, glasses, mask
    • Households (remotes, cutlery, crockery)
    • Travel (keys, headphones, mugs, clothes)
    • Office (personal equipment)

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