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With 12 UV-C LED bulbs, this portable steriliser is lightweight and designed for on the move usage; anytime, anywhere. It has a 360 degrees rotation gooseneck, so you can sterilise at whatever angle works best for you. It is built with 5 functions; primarily to sterilise surfaces such as keyboards and desktops, but also can act as an everyday light source. Built-in sensors also allow the sterilisation process to automatically shut off when sensing human acitivty, and beeps and flashes to ensure maximum safety too. 

59S® Portable USB Steriliser

Excluding VAT
  • Color: White

    Net Weight: 73g

    Input Interface: USB-A

    Rate Input: 5V=1A

    Size: 383x70.8x18mm

    Performance: Disinfection/Lighting

    Disinfection mode:

    LED QTY: 5pcs

    LEDs Lifetime:>5000h

    LED wavelength: 260-280nm

    Power: 5W

    Lighting mode:

    LED QTY: 12pcs

    LEDs Lifetime: >20000h


    • Keyboards
    • Desktops
    • Printers
    • Photocopiers
    • Any touch point with a USB port!

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