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Water Treatment & Hygiene

Safe water. Two small words yet so important to all our lives. The dangers of unclean water to humans is well documented, yet it also affects so much more. As well as drinking water is used for cleaning, heating, cooling, food preparations, manufacturing, washing, disinfectants and so many other daily domestic and commercial activities.

In each of these applications the quality, temperature and the level of contaminants and chemicals in the water can be critical. The amount of different uses for water is reflected in the variety of Dakro clients list which includes hospitals, schools, colleges, factories, breweries, food manufactures, offices, data centres, garages, dentists, opticians & restaurants.

We are proudly Members of the Legionella Control Association, and specialists in all forms of Water Hygiene, Water Treatment, Chlorination, Pre-commission cleaning and regular maintenance and compliance.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that every person in charge or have a duty of care must act to reduce the risk of legionella as far as is reasonable. You may be aware, but these duties include, and are not limited to: identifying and assessing sources of Legionella Risk, preparing a scheme to prevent and/or control risk, to implement, manage and monitor precautions set to prevent Legionella, and to keep a written record of these precautions and the procedures carried out in order to combat the risk of Legionella.

Our team of experienced, qualified engineers can perform Legionella Risk Assessments, regular testing of your Hot and Cold-Water systems, sampling at outlets and calorifiers, disinfection of showerheads and other outlets, chemical flushing of systems as well as numerous other specialist tasks. We cater for all business sizes, and operate across the UK and Europe, all whilst making sure to create as little disruption to your business as possible when operating on your premises.

Dakro Environmental have been in the water hygiene & treatment business for over 22 years. From that time in 1998 Dakro has grown to offer national coverage of engineers. In addition to our water treatment work, which includes water hygiene & legionella risk control, we now specialise in pre-commission flushing, ductwork cleaning and UV-C air & surfaces disinfection. All of those services have one thing in common though and that is the focus of being your safe Air & Water partner.

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