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National Clean Air Day

Today is #CleanAirDay!

Cleaning up our air is vitally important for looking after our health and environment. The impact air quality has on our physical health has been understood for a long time, however researchers are now beginning to understand the impact it can have on our mental health too.

That’s why this #CleanAirDay we are all focusing on the impact air quality can have on our mental health.

With recent studies showing that around 90% of our time is spent indoors its important to recognise the impact that indoor air quality can have on our mental well-being. Unlike outdoor environments, the air in our indoor spaces does not undergo the same renewal and replenishment processes. Air pollutants released indoors, from house-hold cleaning products, heating and ventilation systems and even human and animal respiration, accumulate at a much higher rate, intensifying the effect they can have on our health. Breathing in polluted air is linked to conditions like depression, anxiety and dementia. That’s why its important that we actively work to improve the air quality of our indoor spaces

Here at Dakro Air & Water Limited we are delighted that we are able provide clients a number of services, from air quality monitoring and ductwork cleaning to providing UV-C air purifiers, that directly improve the air quality of their indoor spaces.

Get in touch to discuss how our Air Quality services can help you!

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