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Air System Commissioning a Surgical Theatre

Surgical Theatre's Air

Surgical theatre's and patient recovery bays require the utmost level of hygiene and sterilisation. A big part of that is ensuring the air is as well circulated possible. That sounds easy but its not a case of opening a window. It is all about ensuring the ductwork and Air Handling Units (AHU's) are all working together in harmony to their design values.

Case Study

Dakro Environmental have recently completed a major air system commissioning project at a large UK hospital in the Northwest. The project required us to, pre-commission clean all serving ductwork followed by a proportionately balance all AHU's for all the specific circuits.

As part of the project we followed CIBSE Codes of Practise and HTM Standards involving checking everything from air leakage tests, regulating dampers, cleaning fans and filters to ensuring design volumes (terminals) are achieving design flow rates.

Each serving critical room must have either a positive or negative pascal rating which calibrates the pressure.

Finally, the rooms are signed-off when they receive their Calibration Certificate, Test Pack Reports and it is signed-off by the consultant. The Calibration Certificate evidences the measurements of room temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure (mbar) using a micromanometer/barometer.

We were delighted the client was very happy and on the back of this we've been asked to air system commission a further four surgical theatres.

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