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How can UVC technology provide a competitive advantage for the food industry?

In light of recent cost increases and initiatives to drive more sustainable

measures, it becomes the ideal time to look at new and better ways of doing

things. Over the past few months, some trends in the food industry have been

the rising the cost of electricity, gas and chemicals. Labour costs have been

under pressure and retailers are demanding the highest level constant


This blog aims to highlight the benefits of UV-C germicidal light and explore its

potential to create advantages in food preparation and production facilities.

Some of the standout benefits of using UVC technology within a food processing site are:

  • The shelf life of products can be greatly increased

  • Complaints are significantly reduced

  • Delivers a real competitive advantage

  • Reduced threat of bacterial outbreaks

  • Reduces the use of chemicals, heat treatment, wash water

  • Dry disinfection process

  • Reduced risk of cross contamination

  • Improved production efficiencies

Depending on the challenges being faced at your processing site; UVC

disinfection can play a part in different areas. Whether it be part of your

processing line, disinfecting product before it’s packaged, a UVC lighting

solution to provide full-site sterilisation or purifying the air space of the site to

reduce the risk of transmission across your staff; UVC technology can have a

role to play.

The way we can help you is;

Work Together

You are the experts working 24/7 to produce quality food to the highest

standards. Our role would be to work with you to help overcome some of the

daily challenges you face, as part of your armoury.

Agile Solutions

Built around the needs and challenges of the site, we can design a bespoke

solution that works best from a budget point of view as well as disinfection

perspective that fulfils your brief.

Environment focused

This all comes from clinically understanding the site and the environment.

There's a range of variables which all impact the optimum effectiveness of a

UVC solution, so the better we can understand the use of your environment, the

better solution we can provide.

Bespoke to site

All installations are then designed around the specification of your site and

shifts, fit for purpose with the view in solving the sterilisation challenges you


To find out more how UVC disinfection technology could be optimised to be

used at our site; reach out today to one of our hygiene experts to arrange a free

site visit and consultation

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