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Remote Worker Platform

Dakro real time reports

Advantages of Dakro Remote Working Real Time Solution For You:-

  • Online forms reduce paper and printing bills – improved environment sustainability and financial savings

  • Automatic data and report output – reduced administration time for staff and no postage

  • Intelligent job planner automatically allocates jobs in fuel and time efficient manner

  • Forms are date and GPS stamped automatically, and along with embedded signature provides comprehensive audit information

  • Invoicing can be generated instantly – improving cash flow real time link provides instant access to on site information

  • GPS tracking allows you to identify locations of mobile worker team

  • Easy to use format – forms can look exactly the same as their paper based originals

  • Forms submitted via a mobile network – no posting, no writing up,  no visits to HQ

  • No lost reports as copies are stored online automatically

  • Wireless printing provides an immediate copy on site for clients’ records

  • Accurate record of our on-site time

Remote Worker Platform

The Remote Mobile Worker has already had a dramatic effect  on our day to day operation.

  • Dakro Environmental has implemented the remote mobile worker platform throughout its workforce. Working smarter enables us to concentrate on delivering great service to our clients.

  • 18% saving in fuel across the whole company fleet

  • 22% reduction in stationery replenishment.

  • 16% saving in contract administration

  • 11% reduction in site staff

  • 12% postage saving

Remote Worker delivers real benefits and real savings immediately. Traditional paperwork and forms are replaced by online forms that can be sent digitally.

  • The Remote Mobile Worker platform provides real time reports and performance intelligence whilst providing significant administration savings for the mobile worker.

  • The Remote Mobile Worker software has been specifically built for Dakro,

  • The Dakro Remote worker platform  ensures the system interfaces smoothly with existing procedures.

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