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Philips Dynalite control system is a vital part of uv-c ighting systems as it allows the system to operate with greater safety compared to a lighting system without a control system in place. This preconfigured solution incorporates switched outputs for driving Philips UV-C lamps and third-party audio alarms and warning lights. It also features an onboard settings interface, authorized key switch activation, lamp maintenance reporting, integrated Dynalite motion sensors, checkpoint buttons, and inputs for third-party emergency shutoff buttons and area safeguard door switches.

  1. Single-box solution – Assembled, programmed, and tested in the factory to provide complete out-of-the-box functionality.
  2. Integrated AntumbraDisplay – Allows authorized users to adjust UV-C disinfecting dosage and monitor lamp life management. Includes multi-language support.
  3. Physical key switch protection – Helps to ensure that only authorized users can modify settings or activate the system.
  4. External control inputs – Robust, reliable connection to door switches, emergency shutoff buttons, and vacancy confirmation checkpoints.
  5. Motion sensor integration – Designed to work with Dynalite's best-in-class network sensors to automatically shut down the UV lamps if motion is detected in the disinfection area.
  6. System status indicators – Eight clearly labelled LEDs on the front of the enclosure show the device's status at a glance.
  7. Onboard event logging – All system events are logged and timestamped for reporting.
  8. Ethernet connectivity – Enables secure network access to configuration and event logs via System Manager head-end software.

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Philips Dynalite UV-C Controls

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