This system is composed of a vessel that is filled with nitrate selective resin and a multi-port valve on the top. This works by the water passing through the resin and trapping the nitrate. Occasionally, this nitrate will need to be removed by regenerating with salt. A time based regeneration system is recommended due to the nitrate levels varying from month to month. The legal limit for nitrates is 50mg/l. Smaller systems can be cabinet based, whereas larger systems come with a separate brine tank to hold the salt.
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Nitrate Simplex Units (Timed) - Autotrol 255

PriceFrom £416.87
  • Volume: 10 Ltrs Size: Mistral Max Flow: 0.4m³/hr Regen Salt: 1.7 kg Capacity @50 mg/l: 4m³ Valve: Autotrol 255