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Crystal Right™ works by an ion exchange process which removes iron, manganese and hardness. The minimum pH requirement for CR200 is 7.0. CR200 has the highest capacity from removing hardness, iron amd manganese. Crystal Right works at its best on clear water, i.e. when the iron/manganese are in a dissolved form. Crystal Right will also remove hardness with no extra treatment. Ammonia, lead, hydrogen sulphide and copper can also be reduced. The media bed can be sanitised with chlorine from time to time.The regeneration process is exactly the same as that used in a water softener and requires regeneration with salt (sodium chloride). CR200 is used where the pH is between7 and 11. Crystal Right CR200 has a number of advantages over conventional systems in that iron/manganese removal and softening can all be addressed in a single process and at lower pHs.
Price excluding VAT

Crystal Right Duplex Systems CR200 - Autotrol 255

PriceFrom £1,206.30
Excluding VAT
  • Volume: 1 Cuft Size: 10 x 44 Max Flow: 1.5³/hr Backwash Flow: 0.7³/hr Capacity Flow: 12.4³/hr Valve: Autotrol 255

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