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The UV Door Handle Steriliser is the perfect tool for keeping your office safe and secure from germ transmission. It uses 'Intelligent Disinfection' meaning that once the door handle has been used and the person vacates the area, the UV-C light will be triggered and sterilise 99% of bacteria and viruses on the door handle in just a number of seconds.  To ensure sterilisation of the door, the steriliser comes as a twin pack to protect both door handles. If a person or animal is within 1.5 meters, the disinfector's infrared sensor will be activated and will shut off of sterilisation. 

The lifespan of the UV-C LEDs are roughly 5,000 hours and the disinfector works roughly 250 times on a fully charged battery. When the product is less than 5% battery the red indicator will start flashing and means the disinfector needs charging via it's USB cable. 

To install the product, you can either screw this into the door, or the disinfector comes with adhesive pads which you can apply and stick on. The disinfector works best roughly 3-5 cm's away from the door handle for optimal sterilisation. Once installed, you don't need to worry again about keeping one of the biggest touch points in a office sterilised, as all the sterilisation happens automatically, behind the scenes!

59S® Door Handle Steriliser - Twin pack

Excluding VAT
    • Power: 2.5W
    • Number of UVC Beads: 4
    • UV lifespan: 5000 hours
    • UV wavelength: 260-280nm 
    • Average UV Intensity: 100uW/cm²
    • Infrared Detection range: 1.5
    • Disinfection times on full battery: 250 times
    • Net Weight: 115g

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