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 Bactisolve saves money, saves water and saves downtime.

Business and domestic showerheads should be cleaned and disinfected every month.


  • Bactisolve is a sustainable biocide developed by Dakro to provide an environmentally friendly solution to bacteria control in water.

  • Bactisolve decays into water and oxygen so good for the environment.

  • Bactisolve can be maintained within non potable water tank systems at disinfection levels arising in significant water savings compared to traditional biocides.

  • It is a unique product as it uses an innovative green biocide and its only side-products are downwater and oxygen

  • No  impact at sewage treatment works.

  • No smell, taste or taint with a long shelf- life.

  • Bacticsolve disinfects against Acanthamoeba and has proven effective against Legionella disease.

  • Bactisolve can be used in swimming pools, spa baths and public water features.

We can arrange to test any samples you like in our laboratory  just ask.

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