Dakro water treatment specialists
Legionella Testing
and Compliance


It is a legal requirement to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment Survey...

We can undertake:-

  • Risk Assessments

  • Written Schemes

  • Legionella Screening

  • Trend Formatting

  • Certified Disinfection

  • Training

  • Consultancy

  • Site Log Books

Water Treatment Services


We can provide your commercial water hygiene assessment as well as any necessary water treatments.

We can undertake:-

  • Risk Assessments

  • Cooling Tower and Boiler Water Treatment

  • Pre-Commission Flushing and Cleaning

  • Commercial Plumbing

  • Water Pumps, Tanks & Equipment

  • Water Softeners

  • Swimming Pool Cleaning

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Bacteriological & Chemical Sampling NAMAS/UKAS

Ductwork Cleaning
& Air Quality


Failure to ensure regular cleaning of kitchen grease extract systems can invalidate buildings insurance cover and be a fire hazard

We provide:-

  • Kitchen Extract & Canopy Cleaning

  • Supply & Extract Ductwork Cleaning

  • Installation of Access Doors

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

  • Sick Building Syndrome Surveys

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Legionella testing & compliance

Our team has experience in a vast range of water and air hygiene solutions. We'll give you practical guidance based on current HSE legislation, talk you through the most effective solution for your specific system, and explain the steps on how we can rectify the problem.

 We provide an extensive range of services including: 

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Philips UV-C

UV-C Light Disinfection Services

Help reduce COVID concerns and engage in our high tech UV solutions to disinfect and sterilise air and work surfaces with ease.

Highly effective, non-intrusive and effective.

Our team of certified UV-C installers will work with you to discover the most efficient solution for your business.

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Head to our shop to browse some of the UV-C solutions that we offer, from UV water units to Philips UV-C devices.

20 years experience

Top of the range equipment

99.9% effective at killing bacteria

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Making Your Air and Water Safe

Water Hygiene

Minimise the risk of legionnaires disease in all types of water systems and applications.

Air Hygiene

Maintain clean ducted air systems and monitor roomspace air quality.


Industrial, commercial & domestic installation and plumbing services

Water and Air Hygiene Services for the UK and Europe

Air Hygiene

As experts in legionella compliance and air hygiene, we can help your business become compliant, and remain compliant, with all relevant health and safety legislation. By providing high quality guidance and solutions that are cost effective as well as efficient, we are proud to develop long lasting relationships with our clients.

We can assist with all aspects of legionella compliance and testing, water treatments, pre-commission cleaning, ductwork cleaning and air quality monitoring. Our teams utilise the latest technology, such as UV-C light disinfection, to ensure our clients are aware of the most effective solution for their individual system.

If you already know what solution you need, or you’re looking for something specific, take a look at our online shop where you can buy air and water hygiene products directly.

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Would you like to buy water or air products directly?

If you need to buy water or air hygiene products quickly and you know what you're looking for, go straight to our online shop to make your selection. Fuss-free, convenient shopping delivered to your door, makes it simple to stay on top of your water and air hygiene.

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