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Dakro Environmental Limited are committed to delivering quality products and services demonstrated through membership and active involvement with our professional trade organisations, institutions and governing bodies.

We have been registered as a service provider with the Legionella Control  Association since 1999.

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Legionella Control Association


A Copy of Dakro Environmental’s Registration Certificate, Categories of Registration and a copy of the Code of Conduct can be seen by clicking on the link below.

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LCA Certificate

Quality Policy – ISO 9001


Dakro Environmental Limited (the ‘Organisation’) aims to provide defect free goods and services to its customers on time and within budget.

The Organisation operates a Quality Management System that has gained BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008 certification, including aspects specific to the provision of water treatment products and services, water and air hygiene services including ductwork cleaning and air quality monitoring, and undertaking a range of laboratory analyses and risk assessments.

Dakro is committed to

  • Develop and improve the Quality Management System.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • The enhancement of customer satisfaction.

Dakro has a continuing commitment to :

  • Ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate throughout the Organisation the importance of meeting customer needs and legal requirements.
  • Establish the Quality Policy and its objectives.
  • Ensure that the management review meeting sets and reviews the quality objectives, and reports on the internal audit results as a means of monitoring and measuring the processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Ensure the availability of resources.

The structure of the Quality Management System is defined in this Quality Manual.

All personnel understand the requirements of this Quality Policy and abide with the contents of the Quality Manual.

The Organisation complies with all English and EU legislation and regulations specifically related to its business activities.

The Organisation constantly monitors its quality performance and implements improvements when appropriate.

This Quality Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continuing suitability.

Copies of the Quality Policy and the Management Review minutes are given to all members of staff as a means of communicating the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Environmental Policy – ISO 14001


Dakro Environmental Limited (the ‘Organisation’) recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements relating to the provision of water treatment products and services. Water and air hygiene services including ductwork cleaning and air quality monitoring. A range of laboratory analyses and risk assessments. It is the Organisation’s declared policy to operate with and to maintain good relations with all regulatory bodies.

It is the Organisation’s objective to carry out all measures reasonably practicable to meet, exceed or develop all necessary or desirable requirements and to continually improve environmental performance through the implementation of the following :

  • Assess and regularly re-assess the environmental effects of the Organisation’s activities.
  • Training of employees in environmental issues.
  • Minimise the production of waste.
  • Minimise material wastage.
  • Minimise energy wastage.
  • Promote the use of recyclable and renewable materials.
  • Reduce and/or limit the production of pollutants to water, land and air.
  • Control noise emissions from operations.
  • Minimise the risk to the general public and employees from operations and activities undertaken by the Organisation.

This Policy is communicated to all employees, suppliers and sub-contractors and is made available to the public.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

The policy of Dakro Environmental Ltd is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, ensuring work equipment is safe and safe systems of work are provided for all of our employees. We will provide suitable and sufficient information, training and supervision, as is required to ensure the health and safety of employees. We will ensure we provide suitable and sufficient welfare, sanitary and working facilities as are required.

All Dakro Environmental Ltd staff have a duty to ensure that they work in a safe manner and they ensure their acts and omissions do not cause harm to others in the vicinity. Employees will be encouraged to bring to the attention of the management any concerns regarding health and safety issues.

Dakro Environmental Ltd recognises its duty of care towards others not in our employment. These people include: visitors and contractors who have reason to come into contact with our business activities and premises, they will be given suitable and sufficient information to ensure their health and safety. The actions of visitors and contractors will be controlled in such a way so as not to cause harm to our employees or themselves.

Our Health and Safety Policy complies with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and will be subject to regular review, when there are any significant changes or at least annually.

CHAS, BSRIA, Legionella Control, Safe Contractor


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Dakro principles

Dakro Environmental manages its operations with concern for the Health and Safety of individuals, commitment to the delivery of quality service and products and the development of environmentally sustainable work practices and products.

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