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St Ives School of Painting - UVC Installation

As we know, schools have always been a hotbed for transmitting bacteria and viruses.

Nowadays as we learn to live in a world with Covid-19, we still can’t escape the

realities of cough’s, colds and bugs impacting our day to day lives and being

part of “school life”.

With the average class size over 22 pupils, sharing the same indoor space for

such a prolonged period of time becomes a challenge. It’s been a common case

where teachers have encouraged students to wear their coats on during

lessons as poorly ventilated classrooms are forced to open windows and

doors to protect against Covid-19.

Opening a window can create roughly 2 to 3 air changes in a room per hour, where UVC can create the equivalent of 30 air changes per hour, and keep the heat in the room.

UVC airborne disinfection offers an in-room solution that doesn’t require any water or chemicals. The equipment becomes part of the infrastructure of the room, and works whilst everyone else can carry on their work.

In light of looking at ways of creating better air quality, the benefits of UVC disinfection have been advocated by many health authorities and guidelines such as the WHO, CDC, NHS and Harvard Medical School. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) have recently published in their guidance on emerging from lockdown and safely reoccupying buildings, noting how UVC technology can be used to “improve air quality by removing or inactivating contaminants in indoor air”. The Philips #UVC disinfection products have been recognised as the most innovative air quality product by CIBSE.

St Ives School of Painting have recently tasked Dakro with installing the Philips UV-C Floor Standing Air Purifiers across their workspaces in order to help protect their staff and pupils. Amanda Walsh, their Operations and Finance Coordinator says:

“As our broadcasting team are not able to work from home, having the purifiers available has really transformed their confidence in our workspace. The purifiers have been ideal for our needs, look discrete and are importantly very quiet for when we are on air. The team feel much safer so thank you for all your help.”

They are leading the way in creating enhanced hygiene measures for their school by using UVC airborne disinfection, offering the vital confidence and comfort to their staff and students that they need to enjoy their time at their painting school, in the knowledge that their health has extra protection. The House of Lords have recently held a second hearing of a bill that seeks to introduce legislative reforms about recording air quality data in public and private buildings. This means that building operators and owners would also be required to report on and monitor concentrations of airborne contaminants such as particulate matter.

Our Head of UVC, Tom Field, is discussing the benefits of UVC disinfection for businesses in our upcoming webinar with Signify. Sign up to secure a spot and find out more.

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