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Dakro acquire UVC technology company

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

UVTech - Hygienics are delighted to announce that they have been acquired by Dakro.

Kevin Wainwright, Joint MD of Dakro said; "We are excited to acquire UVTech - Hygienics and bring their people and services into the Dakro family. UVTech - Hygienics disinfection and sterilisation services use advanced UV-C technology solutions that complement our water and air hygiene services." The demand for new sterilisation applications has never been higher and we are delighted to be able to offer customers these services.

Tom Field, CEO of UVTech - Hygienics said; "We are so pleased that the work of our team has been recognised by Dakro. We are passionate about using the science of UV-C germicidal light to help customers with their disinfection needs."

Dakro have been in the air and water hygiene business for nearly 25 years and offer UK and Europe coverage of engineers, from their new headquarters in the West Midlands.

UVTech - Hygienics have been one of the leaders in the UK in using UV-C technology. The wavelength of UV-C is deemed germicidal as when it is used on pathogens in the air, in water or on surfaces it can kill 99% of bacteria and viruses. Like everything, it is all about the application of the science and UVTech have worked with many different customers to provide bespoke solutions to their disinfection or sterilisation requirements.

Tom Field, who had been leading UVTech - Hygienics, will now become part of the Dakro team and lead the UV-C division and he will be thrilled to talk you through the solutions he can provide.

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