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All of our boiler procedures and treatments are carried out to British Standards 2568 (BS2486)

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Over 22 Years

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Save on energy costs

Scale and corrosion makes your boiler more expensive to heat.
Our automatic dosing and monitoring systems ensure your water quality is always optimum making sure scale and corrosion doesn't build up, keeping your boiler super efficient.

Avoid expensive repairs

Poor boiler maintenance often leads to scale build up and damaged parts.
With regular expert monitoring and maintenance you can avoid the unexpected large costs involved in boiler breakdown and repairs.

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Our qualified and trusted engineers provide...

Boiler Water Quality Analysis

We provide technical services to customer sites where we will analyse the quality of your boiler water and recommend next steps ensuring your boiler is performing at maximum capacity to prolong it's life and save on energy.

Boiler Water Treatment

We can provide a wide range of water treatments to maintain ideal water quality in your boiler, minimising scale and corrosion.

Tip: Automatic chemical dosing equipment can constantly maintain your boiler's water quality.

Chemical Dosing

If your boiler needs some extra attention we provide chemical descaling treatments to remove any build up of scale and corrosion which may be preventing your boiler from operating efficiently.


We offer BSRIA accredited pre-commission cleaning for sites of all sizes. This includes alkaline boil out treatment for commercial or industrial boiler systems as well as system flushing.

Water Monitoring

To avoid expensive repairs or treatments we can arrange regular site visits to monitor and assess your boiler's water quality and condition. Our expert chemists ensure your boiler water is optimal and meets BS2486 compliance standards.

Plumbing & Remedial Works

We do everything in house from plumbing to remedial works, keeping your costs down. As your trusted safe water partner we provide a huge range of water and air hygiene services making it easy and affordable to undertake any related works.

  • What is the process?
    After getting in touch with us we will confirm some details of the service you are interested in. For example the size of your site, boiler type etc. We will then be able to send you a quote or have an expert engineer visit your site to collect more information. Our four step process for boiler maintenance is as follows; 1. Inspection (Gathering information and site visits) 2. Analysis (Water sampling and lab results) 3. Interpretation (Our experts will interpret your analysis results and recommend next steps) 4. Water treatment appropriate to the boiler type.
  • How long will it take to get a quote?
    We can provide a same day quote within 24 hours providing we have gathered the required information for your service. Site visits can also be carried by us to gather information about the job and enable us to provide further recommendations.
  • How often should my boiler water be treated?
    Depending on your boiler type and design, we can provide daily, weekly or monthly analysis in line with the requirements of BS 2486 and treat your boiler water accordingly. Get in touch to learn more.
  • Do you work with industrial boilers?
    Yes. We currently service a large portfolio of steam and hot water boilers throughout the UK including specialist systems and large industrial sites.

Have some questions? Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist.

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