The UV RACK LCD series has a low-pressure 80W bulb and a microprocessor-controlled control panel. These are perfect for private water, industrial, beverage, and food processing. All of the products are manufactured in Italy and comply with ISO 9001 quality standards. The Sita units have received WRAS approval. A 304 stainless steel chamber (316 optional), an LCD display control panel, an hours run metre, and alarm contacts are included in the standard LCD range. A UV intensity metre (or temperature metre) is included in the PLUS version, as well as a high-temperature shutoff. There are options for manual and automatic wiping. Good to know: The Rack LCD systems have a 80W low pressure lamps

Sita LCD Rack Range

  • Connections 2" Life Span Lamps 9000 hours UV dose 40 mJ/cm² Max Flow Rate 20 m³/h Material Stainless Steel 304 Electronical Panel Protection degree - IP 55 LCD2 Display (microprocessor control) Total hour-meter Resettable count down hour-meter Alarm red led Alarm relay Free Contact NO / NC Alarm relay 230 V NO / NC outlet – 2 A max On/Off Timer Remote on/off contact