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Turbidex is a unique natural clinoptilolite ore that has many outstanding advantages over common filter sands used for sediment reduction. Turbidex is very angular, rough surfaced and has microporous void spaces as small as 3 microns. This creates a surface area over 100 times greater than sand and can reduce suspended solids down to 5 microns or less (sand filters down to about 40 microns). Turbidex prevents the rapid build up of head loss and binding associated with sand filters and allows longer periods between back washes. Because of its high porosity and hydrophilic nature, Turbidex can operate at much higher flow rates than conventional sediment filters.
Price excluding VAT

Sediment Filters (Turbidex) - Clack WS3

PriceFrom £7,066.16
Excluding VAT
  • Volume: 25 Cuft Size: 42 x 78 Max Flow: 26³/hr Backwash Flow: 33³/hr Valve: Clack WS15 Cl

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