Designed for Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Airports, Train stations, Shopping centres, Offices, Supermarkets - the Robotic UV Steriliser is powered by 480W bulbs that kill 99.9% of bacteria across air and surfaces across an area of 500 meteres squared in just 10 minutes. With a 3 hour charging time, the robotic device will travel around a pre-programmed area ensuring 360 degree sterilsiation. Built with eletcrical and mechical anti-collisison, the robotic device can be controlled via compuyter backstage software and by mobile application. With visual navigation, the device will also return back top its charging station once its cycle is complete helpig to ensure the highest-grade sterilisation, across industrial sized areas.

Robotic UV Steriliser

    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Airports
    • Train stations
    • Shopping centres
    • Supermarkets
    • Offices

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