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The UV-C Disinfection Batten is designed for effective surface sterilisation suitable for use in various applications. Its disinfection capability is based on the wattage used and a specific exposure time for a given distance from that surface.


  1. UV-C light effectively deactivates most viruses and germs on directly irradiated surfaces*1. UV-C surface disinfection products, fitted with our UV-C light sources, can inactivate SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces by more than 99% to below detectable levels*2.
  2. Proven, effective disinfection over the useful long lifetime of lamp and luminaire
  3. Environmentally friendly – no ozone emissions during or after use


  1. Retail: Keep shopping trolleys, shelves and counters free from contamination
  2. Hair and beauty salons: Disinfect client rooms, operating floor, mirrors, chairs surfaces, and other sensitive areas
  3. Schools: Disinfect classroom walls, floors, desks and surfaces
  4. Hospitality: Disinfect guest rooms, reception areas and health facilities
  5. Offices: Neutralise work rooms, meeting spaces and corridors

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*1 Fluence (UV Dose) Required to Achieve Incremental Log Inactivation of Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses and Algae Revised, updated and expanded by A. Haji Malayeri, M. Mohseni, B. Cairns and J.R. Bolton. With earlier contributions by Gabriel Chevrefils (2006) and Eric Caron (2006) With peer review by B. Barbeau, H. Wright (1999) and K.G. Linden.

*2 Nadia Storm et al, Rapid and complete inactivation of SARS-CoV