Intelligent Automatic Disinfection, Air-Cleaning, and Lighting. The 3-in-1 Panel Light is ideal for being fitted in any commercial building. 

The panels come in a range of sizes, all designed in accordance with industrial standards. From 300x300mm to 300x1200mm, we also offer installation of the panels into your building. 

Fitted with a Military-gradar radar sensor, the panel works in 3 lighting modes to ensure you of safe use. It first acts as an everyday LED lighting source, then is fitted with a Manual and Automatic sterilisation modes. Turn the light switch 3 times (on-off-on) and this will activate it's manual 2 hour disinfection mode. Toggle the button 5 times (on-off-on-off-on), and it's automatic sterilisation mode will enable. Any movement within 5-7m to the front of the panel and 1-2m to the side will deactive the UV sterilisation so you are never exposed. 

Ranging from 24W to 64W, the suggested optimal sterilisation distance is 1.6m-3.5m, going up to 9m². The panel light brings UV sterilisation into part of the infrastructure of the building and allows for day to day built-in sterilisation, keeping offices and commercial buildings safe and secure from bacteria and viruses. The panel is fully certified and tested to do so, and in a safe way. 

It's also Ozone free meaning that the panel lights can operate without ventilation after disinfection. 

59S® UV Panel Light

  • Available Panel Sizes are:

    • 300mm x 300mm
    • 300mm x 600mm 
    • 600mm x 600mm 
    • 300mm x 1200mm
    • 600mm x 1200mm
  • We also offer installation as part of this puchase which can be arranged upon ordering.