Their health in your hands – why legionella water treatment is crucial

If you run a business that attracts large numbers of visitors, such as operating a hotel, then you have a moral and legal obligation to protect their health by taking proactive steps to prevent the spread of diseases within your establishment. One of the most high profile of such diseases is Legionnaires disease, which can result in serious pneumonia like infections and even cause death.

Legionnaires disease is relatively rare, with major outbreaks making the national news, but when these outbreaks do occur, they can be devastating, disrupting your business and risking the lives of anyone in and around your premises.

Yet the prevention of Legionnaires disease is a simple and straightforward process, as long as it is handled by an experienced, professional organisation, such as Dakro Environmental. Dakro Environmental offers a wide range of legionella water treatment services to help prevent the spread of the bacteria in hotels and similar establishments.

Dakro Environmental will begin by providing you with a comprehensive risk assessment, analysing your current protocols, hygiene strategies and highlighting whether or not these comply with current Health and Safety legislation. If they fall short, Dakro Environmental can offer a package of water hygiene and air hygiene services to bring you up to the required safety levels. This can be on a consultancy basis, or as a long or short term contract to manage your water system safety. Dakro can also supply a full range of chemicals for legionella water treatment and equipment for your own staff to manage and maintain water safety in the longer term.

So don’t risk the fines, and even more costly bad publicity, that comes with an outbreak of Legionaires disease; talk to the expert team at Dakro Environmental today and make sure your water systems are safe for your company and its customers.

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